Diagnostic Services

We love to see happy, healthy pets. But when your furry friend is not feeling well, we offer a variety of in-house diagnostics with results the same day. 

  • We can run full urinalysis, which can detect infection, but also may be able to identify diabetes, kidney disease, and crystals in the urine which can all affect urinary health.
  • In-house we have two blood analysis machines. These machines test a complete blood count, comprehensive chemistry profiles, and electrolyte analysis. This includes regular testing of glucose, phenobarbitol levels, and thyroid regulation. Although we offer a wide range of values, we can also provide services to send out a more extensive panel with results coming back in just a couple days. 
  • In just under 10 minutes we can have results of a FIV/Felv test for cats, heartworm/tick diseases for dogs.
  • Digital radiography to provide rapid image capturing and results.
  • Intravenous or subcutaneous fluids.