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Yearly Exams

Although your cat or dog may currently seem healthy, a yearly exam may help detect an early disease process and with appropriate treatment, ultimately increase your time together. A yearly physical will show any subtle changes to their health and behavior which will be compared to their previous medical history. This information is important to us because dogs and cats age much quicker and the risk of diseases that affect the cardiac, hepatic, and renal system all increase. ​

Dogs, and cats especially, are notorious for hiding their illnesses. A yearly exam may uncover these hidden symptoms and may help improve the prognosis of some medical conditions.

During a physical exam of a healthy pet, he or she will be evaluated and recommended routine vaccines. An additional service that we also recommend is microchipping. In the event that your pet gets lost, Home Again will contact every clinic and shelter in the area. We also register your first year of service for you so you have one less thing to worry about!