State Law

Please know that we do need a yearly physical exam by one of our veterinarians in order to dispense any medication or prescription food. This keeps us in line with state laws requiring a physician-patient relationship for medical prescriptions. If your dog or cat has a chronic condition, diagnostics may be recommended every 6 months to maintain your pets prescription. 


Need to refill a prescription? We now have a call directory just for that. Our phone line opens at 9am Monday through Friday. We also have partnered with an online company called MyAlly to take prescription requests. The refilled medication generally will be on a holding period of 1 week due to lack of space and cost. Please let us know if you would rather have it called in to a specific pharmacy if you find it cheaper. We will be happy to accommodate you. There is also the option to use our online store, Vet Source, to have certain medications and prescription foods shipped directly to your home. You may find the link on our home page.


Although we have an assortment of vital medication, we may not have a certain drug in stock or cannot carry it here. In that case, we can write a written prescription if needed. Having the prescription faxed is also an option for your convenience.


In certain situations we can provide flavoring or liquefying a medication. This is usually due to the patient not finding the medication palatable, hard to pill, or too small for the lowest dosage. The flavorings available range from most meat proteins, bubble gum, peanut butter, and certain fruits. Due to the extensive measuring and calculations along with this process, there is an added fee and a wait time.